80 Metres Below The Summit - About the film

Kanchenjunga. A magic mountain, 8 586 m high. But it is not only this height which guards the mountain but also the weather, as well as the steep walls, protecting it against bold fellows with huge avalanches and ice barriers. “80 Meters Below the Summit”, this film will take you on the adventurous trek of the Slovak expedition to the third highest mountain in the world. Perhaps this film will open a way for you the mountains, you will admire the work of nature and of people in that nature and perhaps you will understand why they love mountains so much.

Script, photography, editing, directing: Pavol Barabáš,
Music: Oskar Rózsa, authentic,
Length: 57 minutes,
Year of production: 1997
Format: 4:3
Sound: 2.0

You can win over Kanchenjunga if the mountain wants you to.