118 Days in Captivity of Ice - About the film

Big nail - that is the Inuit word for North Pole, the axis around which the Earth revolves. This imaginary point has attracted brave polar explorers as a powerful magnet. Crossing the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada through the North Pole remained the last, almost impossible dream of Arctic explorers for many years after the North Pole was conquered by humans. Reinhold Mesner called it the last great challenge of this millennium. This film presents an authentic story of four Slovak and Russian polar explorers who tried to make this dream come true, using only their own strength and without any aircraft support. The expedition started from the Severnaya Zemlya, a place well known for an abundance of polar bears and strong drift which were the cause of several dramatic events. The North Pole was reached after 75 days on May 8, 1998. From that moment on, the expedition fought with continuous return drift, large areas of open water and extreme weather fluctuations. The documentary film “118 DAYS IN CAPTIVITY OF ICE“ will draw you into as unbelievable a story as the life of polar explorers can offer

Script, editing, directing: Pavol Barabáš
Photography: Ivan Kužilevský
Music: Víťazoslav Kubička
Length: 56 minutes
Year of production: 1998
Format: 4.3
Sound: 2.0

Slogan: "You cannot subdue the Arctic, but you can adapt to it and thus have a chance to succeed." Peter Valušiak