Pururambo - The prize for complete realization in extreme conditions

From 14 to 17 of December 2006 the Bulgarian town Bansko was host of the Sixth International Mountain Film Festival. Pavol Barabas won there the prize for complete realization film Pururambo in extreme conditions.

The Jury of the sixth International Mountain Film Festival in Bansko (Bulgaria), comprising:
1. Jerzy Surdel (Poland) - president, filmmaker,
2. Mrs. Mariana Evstatieva-Biolcheva (Bulgaria) - filmmaker,
3. Mrs. Iva Petroni (Bulgaria) - journalist,
4. Mr. Radoslav Spasov (Bulgaria) - filmmaker,
5. Mr. Borislav Kolev (Bulgaria) - film reviewer and critic, vice director of the Bulgarian National Television,
6. Mr. Cyril Doskov (France) - mountaineer and climber,
7. Mr. Rumen Stoichkov (Bulgaria) - journalist, Program “Horizons” of the Bulgarian National Radio,
8. Mr. Georgi Tasev (Bulgaria) - public figure.

Grand Prix
The prize has been awarded to:
“The Other Face of K2”, Spain, scar Cadiach, Xavier Casillanis, Narc; Noguera;s Palah

Jury’s Special Prize
“Fatima’s Hand”, Germany, Jens Hoffmann

The prize for complete realization in extreme conditions to Pavol Barabas (Slovak Republic), film Pururambo”

Special Prize for the best Bulgarian film or television production to “In the shadow of Nanga Parbat”, Doychin Boyanov, Nikolay Petkov

City of Bansko Prize for the film of special cultural value to “Greina”, Switzerland, Villi Hermann

Prize of the Bansko Tourist’s Busyness Union for the film on alpine sport, exploration or adventure to “No Permanent Address”, Canada, Jean Gamilovskij, Aaron Black.

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