The first Slovak Blu-ray disk Unknown Antartcica

Five adventurers set out on a journey by foot from the border of the world's coldest continent as far as the highest point of icy Antarctica to discover its unknown beauty. They used a route that had never been touched by human feet. A route that had never been used by anyone before. As the first to do so, we were honoured to try out the latest Pavol Barabáš disk with the film Unknown Antarctica. His films are generally really popular among viewers and this one also proved to be a wonderful film. We had the chance to really enjoy the film as it has just been released on a Blu-ray disk as the first Slovak film ever.

DVD and BR content:

- film Unknown Antartica
- Making of
- information about Antarctica
- history of exploring Antarctica
- Antarctica compared with other continents
- photo gallery
- and many other interesting things

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