Premiere of the film Tepuy

The premiere of the latest documentary film by Pavol Barabáš Tepuy will take place Thursday, December 7, 2006 during the International Film Festival Bratislava in the Bratislava Palace Cinemas Aupark. The screening will be at 7:30 PM in the theatre no.7.

Deep, in the middle of the Orinduik rainforest, enormous sandstone massifs suddenly emerge skywards. The mythical Lost World - the table mountains of the Guyana Highlands. Thanks to its almost absolute inaccessibility, prehistoric forms of life have been preserved here that, as endemic species, have survived for million of years.
In 2005, a large helicopter props itself upon one of the cliffs of the massive Chimantá Table mountain. Several strong men jump out of it, brought together by their adventurous souls, the stubborn will of the explorer, and an anxiety to penetrate into depths that nobody has ever tried before.
Together, they travel to the insides of a satanic mountain, to discover hidden natural phenomena, and to fight back the darkness, damp and difficult terrain, as well as themselves.

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