Metamorphoses of Tatras - Jury's special prize in Bansko

The award of prizes that took place on Saturday, 8th December 2007, closed two international film festivals at which two films saw success from the production of K2 Studio. In the Bulgarian Bansko, it was the 7th International Mountain Film Festival, where the poetic film “Metamorphoses of the Tatras” was awarded the Jury’s Special Prize. In the neighbouring Czech Republic, the 5th International Outdoor Film Festival took place, at which Slovak cinematography was represented by the film “Tepuy - A Journey to the Depths of the Earth” that won 1st prize in the Adventurous and Extreme Sports Films category.

From 12th of October, the International Festival of Outdoor Films presented in 19 towns amateur as well as professional films from the area of adrenaline sports and mountaineering as well as travel and water sports. Audiences had a chance to see a total of 70 films from 10 countries around the world, which competed in four categories under the critical eyes of a professional jury consisting of seven members.

The International Mountain Film Festival took place on 29th of November 2007 in Bulgaria. The GRAND PRIX was awarded to the film “Dying for Everest” by the film directors Richard Dennison and James Heyward from New Zealand. The festival was honoured by the presence of a special guest, Reinhold Messner, a famous mountaineer who was the first man in history to have conquered all 14 of the world’s eight thousand metre plus summits.

The Jury of the 7th International Mountain Film Festival in Bansko (Bulgaria), comprising:
Georgi Danailov (Bulgaria),
Mariana Evstatieva-Biolcheva (Bulgaria),
Janusz Majer (Poland),
Ivan Popyordanov (Bulgaria),
Radoslav Spasos (Bulgaria),
Rumen Stoichkov (Bulgaria),
Mikhail Rahov (Bulgaria)
viewed 37 film in the competition from 29 November to 2 December 2007.

The Jury has unanimously decided to award the:

Grand Prix
“Dying for Everest”, New Zeeland, 2007, Richard Dennison, James Heyward, 52’.

Judge Special Award
“Premeny Tatier” (“Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains”), Slovakia, 2006, Pavol Barabas, 13’.

Award for complete realization in extreme conditions
“Patagonia, a travel to the end of the world”, Norway, 2006, Steinar Stalsberg, Borge Ousland, Thomas Ulrich, 45’),

Award for Bulgarian Short Film for Mountains, Extreme Sports and Adventures (for Bulgarian filmmakers only)
“El Capitan - one materializing dream”, Bulgaria, 2007, Doychin Boyanov, Nikolay Petkov, Mikhail Mikhailov, 30’.

Award of the Union of tourist business - BanskĐľ
“Asiemut”, Canada, 2006, Olivier Higgins, Melanie Carrier, 57’.

Award of the Bansko Municipality
“Ispolin” (“Colossus”), Bulgaria, 2006, Nikolay Vassilev, Nikolay Petrov, Liubomir Andreev.

The official guest of the Festival was Reinhold Messner.

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