Grand Prix from Bilbao

Freedom under Load has got Grand Prix from Mendi Film Festival in Bilbao, Spain. The members of the jury: Billy Choi - South Corea, Hélios Gracia - France, Jon Garano - Spain, Pawel Wysoczanski- Poland, and Silvo Karo - Slovenia. Their statement: „It's a beautiful film and it offers hope, in a modest way. It's a film about the faith, and the devotion in the wonderful mountains of Tatra. The film offers calm and harmony, both very necessary nowadays".

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival took part from 9. to 18. December and offered 40 best films from all over the world, workshops, presentations and other events. Spanish town Bilbao became a centre for mountaineers, climbers, adventures, filmmakers and artists. Each year thousands of people visit Bilbao because this festival is one of the most important one of its kind .

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TV premiere: 23.12.2016, RTVS

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