GRAND PRIX - Freedom under Load - Poland

Statement of the jury: This gentle film is about freedom, passion and strength of character. Through the extraordinary characters in this film, the director offers us an intimate look into their world. Freedom Under Load delights us with its quiet style in contrast to our loud, aggressive world.

The director uses music as a strong and effective narrative tool that takes the film to a more profound level. The greatness of this humble film can be seen in a statement by one of the men, "The Tatras are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world". And it is from these beautiful mountains that the porters draw energy to do their incredibly difficult work with joy and peace. The Grand Prize for the 12th Zakopane Mountain Film Festival is awarded to Freedom Under Load.

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12th Meetings with Mountain Film belongs to the International Alliance for Mountain Film, which was instituted to promote, enhance and conserve mountain cinematography through communal projects that would flank or be incorporated into the regular institutional activities of the member bodies. Today the IAMF numbers 21 Members: 20 festivals of mountain film and a museum, which represent 16 countries of Europe, Asia, and North and South America. International festival of Mountain Films in Poprad, Slovakia, belongs to this Alliance. The documentary Freedom under Load will be screened during this festival in October.

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Freedom under Load is a honor of the old generation of mountain porters, who save porter´s craft in the High Tatras.

The documentary will be distributed by Association of Slovak Film´s Clubs starting on 1.9.2016.

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