The documentaries: Tales of the Tatra Mountains Peaks and Pygmies – the Children of the Jungle recei

20.5.2012, Ptuj, Slovenia. The documentary films: Tales of the Tatra Mountains Peaks and Pygmies – The Children of the Jungle, directed by Pavol Barabáš, were awarded the First Prize of the festival in the category "Healthy Nature, Healthy Man". The festival took place from the 17th to 20th May in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia, which is the partner city of the European Capital of Culture 2012 – the city of Maribor.

Festival Primus

By focusing on film art, the festival's aim is to emphasise its growing importance in times of crisis which requires a variety of art forms to overcome the crisis. The Primus International Festival wants to offer a platform for its visitors to reflect the impact of history and historical events on our present and everyday life as well as on our ways of communication.

The award-winning and freshly finished film Tales of the Tatra Mountains Peaks was also awarded the Prize for blending the humble perspective on nature and sport achievement at the 18th International Environmental Film Festival Envirofilm 2012, which took place in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia (14th - 19th May). At present the director is working on other episodes of the Tatra Mountains documentary. As for the film Pygmies – the Children of the Jungle, the K2 studio is happy to announce that the film has just been released and is available for sale on DVD.

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