Live for Passion awarded in The Netherlands

On 28.2.2015, The Jury of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival decided that the winner of the Parkstad Limburg Award is Live for Passion by Pavol Barabas. They had judged 24 film from all over the world. The Dutch Mountain Film Festival presented three awards, teo of them stayed in The Netherlands. The third price went to Live for Passion.

In judging the films, the jury´s attention focussed on emotion, a story, the viewer – both seasoned mountaineers and armchair enthusiasts alike – should be captivated, and a film should provide food for thought or a topic for discussion afterwards. If viewers are distracted by their surroundings - for example, are they worried the popcorn's finished? - the film is missing something.



"Blind faith, camaraderie and perseverance are words that best describe this breathtaking documentary about two climbers in an imposing mountain setting. Driven by an insatiable passion, they overcome the nigh impossible and the spectacular obstacles that nature puts in their way. Absolutely nothing will stop the men from chasing their dream and passion. That is, up to the point at which they have to decide on giving up on their daredevil route. Live for Passion is an impressive and spectacular account of how two friends go about their incredible task of overcoming the Slovakian Tatras. Recorded in awe-inspiring images against the backdrop of some terrific music, the film also retells a fascinating history."


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