Special Mention Prize for Addicted to Altitude

Nordic Adventure Film Festival was held for the first time back in 1996 by a group of dedicated climbers and adventure filmmakers. The festival is the oldest and most dedicated adventure film festival in Scandinavia. This year the festival took place 20.-25.11.2018 in Denmark. The Special Mention Prize won the documentary Addicted to Altitude.

The festival has from the start been having two missions: On one side to present the most inspiring adventure and outdoors films for the local audience in dedicated cinemas. And just as important, at the same time to help the local filmmakers develop the production of adventurefilms both by lecturing and in support of both emerging and present film projects. The festival also has a goal to inspire people in general and motivate people to use the film media when going outdoors.
The heart of the festival as such is the yearly award show, where we honor the craftsmanship of adventure filmmaking by rewarding the best films of the year.


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