Film Suri awarded again in Slovenia

Mountain Film Festival in Domžale is the biggest one of its kind in Slovenia and has been a member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) since 2007. The 10th anniversary of the Festival took place 15.-19.2.2016 and the jury awarded the film Suri as BEST FILM ABOUT MOUNTAINS, SPORTS AND ADVENTURE.


International jury stated: "Courageous adventure undertaken to raise awareness about cultural survival of the Suri people threatened by business interests and exploitive practices."
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Director, Pavol Barabáš, about the film:
"Who should not watch this film? Don´t watch it, if you have never dreamt about searching for aboriginal tribes in unknown territories. If you do not understand that we have to respect all the people, also those without money. Do not watch this film, if you rather sleep in a modern hotel resort than under the sky. If you rather travel by acclimatized car than by foot on a path made by barefoot black men. This film is of no meaning for you, if you don´t believe that the most wonderful lunch can be not only in an expensive restaurant, but also from a common kettle with natives.
However, if you are still going to watch this movie, something very fragile and rare is expecting you. It won´t be here in next few years. Maybe you will recognize these pictures were not paid by a TV, but originate from an enthusiasm of two friend loving Africa."

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