Freedom under Load awarded in Canada

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival began in 1976 as a one-day event. It has grown to a 9 day long festival held the first week of November each year. 40 years of history, more than 39 thousands audience members and a lot of events. Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival took place 29.11.-6.11.2016. 96 films from all over the world were selected into the international competition. Freedom Under Load has been awarded the prize for Best Film on Mountain Culture.

"The cultures around the world are threatened when human rights are not protected, respected and fulfilled, but also when there is a demand for freedom without any limits. This esthetic and unpretentious documentary allows us to sense the spirit of people, who find their freedom while carrying heavy loads and executing a difficult craft, which has disappeared in other mountains. Through powerful images emphasized by subtle music and the sounds of nature, this intimate portrait of porters working in Slovak Tatra Mountains, show us how carrying the load can clean one's soul. It can be read as a metaphor of sacrifice, quite an unfashionable concept nowadays, although it is exactly the sacrifice and ability of giving to the others, that can help protect vanishing cultures."

— Gabriella Kuhn, jury member.


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