Slovak film critique awards and the Igric creative film awards

Bratislava, 15 April 2009 - The Slovak Film Union, the Union of Slovak TV Programme Producers and the Literary Fund announced the results of the prestigious IGRIC Awards. The professional jury, chaired by Vido Horňák and represented by Kateřina Javorská, Gabriela Kalučová, Mária Krášovičová, Ľuba Veleca and Ľubomír Vladár, granted 5 Igric awards and 18 creative awards.

The creative award for DVD and CD was given to the exclusive Grand Prix Collection of12 DVDs for the representative selection of documentaries by Pavol Barabáš and for its ample bonuses. The DVD collection was also awarded with the Prize of the Slovak Film Journalists on the basis of votes of the members of the Club of Film Journalists of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists.

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