Jury Award for Everest - The Hard Way

"In the world of adventure film making, Pavol Barabas’s name is synonymous with making finely crafted documentaries that shine a human light on the drama, challenges and rewards of mountaineering. In 1988, a heroic and tragic performance was enacted high on one of the most difficult faces of Mt Everest by a small, elite team of Slovak mountaineers - an expedition whose outcome was acutely felt by the alpine community in Slovakia, but until now, largely unknown outside of Europe. The consequences of choosing the Hard Way are magnified in this superbly crafted film." Pat Morrow

Everest - The Hard way was awarded by Jury Award at the “Hory a mesto - Mountains and City” Annual Festival of Mountain Film and Adventure.



It is the biggest mountain and adventure film festival in central Europe and a sister festival of Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF).. The Festival's goal is to approach the outdoor communities and city people and to offer them films and multimedia presentations dealing with mountain sports and mountain culture. The Festival also offers a platform for the exchange of ideas between filmmakers, outdoor activists, and the public, while at the same time supporting the most artistic and effective ways of communicating outdoor-related issues.

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