Bhután at Ekofilm 2009

Film Bhutan - A Search for Happiness won the Award of the Iniciator of the Festival South Bohemian Region, which took place in Český Krumlov on October 5.-11. 2009


It is said that Bhutan was forgotten by people but never by the Gods. The natives call this ancient mountain kingdom, crowded between Indian Assam and Chinese Tibet, the land of the Thunder Dragon. Wandering through a forgotten country in which people worship all living things is a story of happiness. Here internal peace is valued more than worldly pleasures, and harmony with nature is the supreme principle. A good king cares for the wealth of his people. Instead of Gross Domestic Product, he promotes Gross Domestic Happiness. In its fragile perception of happiness, this small Himalayan kingdom has chosen to follow a strange path. Maybe, it's the correct one.

The International Jury of the Festival suggested to Award Bhutan, because "For outlining a peculiar contrast to today's civilisational rush of the modern world", which has a very similar message as the film itself. More information you can find here.

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