Amazonia: Adventura prize from Canada

Slovak documentary film AMAZONIA VERTICAL won its first American prize at 4th Montreal International Adventure Film Festival (also known by its French acronym FIFAM).
Over 170 films from the four corners of the world had been submitted in preselection and 38 of them were retained for the official selection presented to the Montreal public over 4 days, namely from October 27 to 30, 2005.

This year, the prizes are rewarding film-makers of productions stemming from Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland.
film Amazonia Vertical has won the ADVENTURA Prize†”Extreme adventure at FIFAM.

ADVENTURA GRAND PRIZE. Best film, all categories. Grant of $1,500 CAN. FLYING OVER EVEREST (Italy, 2004, 60 min.) Dir. : Fabio Toncelli - SD Cinematografica For the first time, a man will fly above Everest in a hang glider. But this challenge leaves him far from satisfied. He also wants to reintroduce to this environment a species of eagle that has disappeared from the Himalayas and to soar with these majestic creatures.

ADVENTURA PRIZE - Human achievement. Best production illustrating a great adventure challenge or an exceptional human achievement. LE VOYAGE INTERIEUR DE MIKE HORN (Switzerland, 2005, 84 min.) Dir. : Raphaël Blanc - Artemis Films Renowned for his extreme adventures, Mike Horn attempts this time to cross the world at the Arctic Circle. This 27-month trek alone on foot, by sail power, by kayak, pushed by kite and on skis tests the limits of human endurance.

ADVENTURA PRIZE - Mountain setting. Best production illustrating an activity linked with a mountain setting. THE OTHER FACE OF K2 (Spain, 2005, 44 min.) Dir : Oscar Cadiach - Televisio de Catalunya Follows a Catalan expedition that was the first team to repeat the "Magic Line" route on K2. A human tale of solidarity on the way to the world’s most difficult summit.

ADVENTURA PRIZE - Thalassa. Best production illustrating a water-based activity. OCEANS' TWENTY : AU FIL DU VENDEE GLOBE (France, 2005, 58 min.) Dir. : Christian Deleau - Nefertiti Production The Vendée Globe is an extreme-sailing race - alone, no stopovers, no assistance. The fastest competitors return only at the end of three long months.

ADVENTURA PRIZE - Man and the environment. Best production illustrating the relationship between Man and his milieu. REMIS EX-AEQUO

DES MANCHOTS ET DES HOMMES (France, 2004, 52 min.) Dir. : Luc Jacquet and Jérôme Maison - Bonne Pioche Productions Two "willing castaway" filmmakers are imprisoned by the nine-month-long Antarctic winter in order to film the life of emperor penguins.

LE DRAGON DE PATAGONIE (France, 2005, 52 min.) Dir. : Gilles Santantonio - Les Films du Mille-Pattes An expedition made up of divers, mountain climbers and scientists heads to the glaciers of Patagonia in search of a hitherto-unknown insect. Diving in the midst of glaciers involves danger but the rewards justify the risks.

ADVENTURA PRIZE - New creator. Presented to the director of a first film. CHUQUIRAGUA (Canada, 2004, 18 min.) Dir. : Isabelle Daigneault - Olisa Productions How can a mountain change a person's life? Two Canadians introduce two Ecuadorians to high-mountain climbing in preparation for scaling Ecuador's El Altar volcano.

ADVENTURA PRIZE - Extreme adventure. Best production illustrating an activity with a highly sporting character. AMAZONIA VERTICAL (Slovakia, 2004, 63 min.) Dir. : Pavol Barabáš - K2 Studio Climbing friends gather for an expedition to the heart of the highest chain of mountains in the Amazon region - the Auyan Tepui. Sometimes all that separates climbing, mountaineering and exploring is a step and a few carabiners.

ADVENTURA PRIZE †” Best short-length film. L’HOMME QUI REVIENT DE HAUT (France, 2004. 26min.) Dir. : Gilles Perret - Mecanos Productions A mountain becomes a vent for profound personal unhappiness. Celebrated mountaineer Marc Batard shatters a climbing taboo by publicly revealing his homosexuality.

ADVENTURA PRIZE †” Best extreme adventure short-length film. PROFONDEUR ABSOLUE (France, 2004, 9 min.) Dir. : LoĂŻc Leferme - Inspiration Production Don't forget to breathe as you watch LoĂŻc Leferme, world absolute-depth apnea freediving champion at an October 30, 2004 competition, where he dived to a depth record of -171 m.

MENTION NYIMA ET LES PORTEURS (France, 2004, 56 min.) Dir. : Philippe Lespinasse - Via Découvertes A tribute to Himalaya sherpas in the form of the story of Nyima, a 16-year-old porter-guide. Without such native experts, there is no food, no fuel, no clothing and, most of all, no expedition to the world's highest peaks.

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